SPC: North Pole




Day #


Weather Forecast

Expect sunshine in the morning with scattered clouds and gusty winds in the afternoon and highs in the upper 20s to low 30s.

Avalanche Danger


Persistent Slab: Large to very large possible on all aspects and elevations

It is getting harder to trigger avalanches but if you do trigger an avalanche it can break widely and deeply.

Ski Partners

Dan Hohl & Kurt Jaggers crew (7)
Entrenchment – Dealing with a well-established persistent instability. Entrenchment (not a preferred operating mode) requires discipline to sustain it for the necessary time; this is the last resort short of closing operations completely.

Limit skiing to a small terrain selection assessed as having acceptable risk until the situation has clearly changed. New evidence continues to be gathered and monitored for changing conditions, but new terrain is only considered for opening if there is compelling evidence to do so (for example if an avalanche was observed that definitely removed the layer of concern).

Entrenchment mode is a successful operating strategy for persistent slab instabilities.Establish a limited base of acceptable operating terrain and be disciplined to operate only within that designated terrain as long as necessary for the persistent instability to run its course. Expect this to take longer than anticipated and do not step out into new terrain prematurely. Plan to maintain this discipline beyond the time when all evidence seems to indicate that the persistent instability is no longer a concern.

When dealing with persistent instabilities, discipline is more likely to be successful than cleverness –it is better to wait out the instability than to try to outsmart it.


Snowcat to North Soda pickup. Skied 2x in North Pole


AM Obs: CLR, Mod W wind, 15F @ Tower
PM Obs: OVC, Mod/Strong W wind, 23F @ Tower

HS 240-300cm, HN24 0cm
Storm snow has settled. Wind was moving lots of snow around creating features and affecting the snow surface.






Mod/Strong W



Snowpack Observations

HS 240-300cm, HN24 0cm. Storm snow settled but still soft on upper N facing terrain (North Pole zone). Wind was moving lots of snow around creating features and affecting the snow surface.

Avalanche Activity

None observed


Storm snow settled significantly over the past 48hrs. Winds stronger than expected & moving lots of snow around.

Greatest Risk

Today’s plan and terrain selection was consistent with the Fx and plan. Greatest risks we encountered were tree wells, tree bombs, and the potential for falling trees.


Kept it super mellow and stayed off avi terrain.


Large groups of never-evers pose their own sets of challenges. Ski Haus gear was not dialed. Plan to spend extra time in the morning practicing transitions & making sure all the gear works.


Upper elevation slopes saw a lot of wind effect today. Still tons of room to play in North Pole as we only skied 2 runs skier’s right of Toilet Bowl chute.

Riding Quality

(B) Skiing was OK