Nokhu Cirque




Day #


Avalanche Danger


Ski Partners

Tom Scelacci, Marty Bell, Tidhar Sadeh, Jessica Bell



Full sun with moderate to strong ridgetop winds from the SSW in the morning giving way to calm overcast skies and snowfall by mid/late afternoon. HN48 8-15″ depending on aspect and elevation.

Snowpack Observations

In the Alpine: HS generally >200cm with HN 30-45cm sitting on a variety of surfaces depending on aspect. Most notable was a thick layer of graupel at the old/new interface in the aprons producing moderate sudden planar results (ECTP16 SP @ 45cm on graupel layer, 11800 NE aspect). Noted some melt-freeze/facet combos on solar aspects with easy to moderate results below Paradise bowl (CT12 SC @ 30cm below melt-freeze layer, 11000 ESE aspect). We did not observe any cracking or collapsing.

Witnessed multiple small wet loose avalanches in all the steep solar couloirs. One small slab ~40cm deep releasing on presumed graupel layer in the apron of the Breakfast Couloir, likely in past 12-24hrs. Numerous recent small shallow dry loose releasing on steep shaded aspects within the storm snow.

Riding Quality

Great skiing on shaded aspects