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Northern Colorado Backcountry Skiing & Snowboarding
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By telejet9
Seems to be enough activity and snow to get this fired up for the year. I hope to make it up soon. Keep the stoke coming!
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By frenchy
This nicely done snowpack observation video by Jason Konigsberg just popped up on Facebook, from Diamond Peaks area on 10/31/2019:

We found an identical snowpack on Rabbit Ears Pass yesterday, with good skiing in protected area on a shallow but supportable pack and that same mid-pack crust/facet combo.
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By telejet9
Pretty nice coverage, approx 1'-2' in most spots, up at Montgomery Bowl. Snow was still pretty soft with just a little wind crust forming as of Sunday morning. Bobsled in and out still has some rocks poking out, so be aware. I was too excited to be skiing to get any other pics.
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By frenchy
Reposting this ob from the CAIC of the avalanche on South Diamond Peak this past weekend. Heads up for localized touchy conditions in the alpine right now. Hopefully nobody got hurt: ... s_id=56907

Date: 2019/11/03
Observer: Noah Sievers
Organization: Public

BC Zone: Front Range
Area Description: Cameron Pass, South Diamond Peak, Medicine Bow Mountain Range
Route Description: AOI for snow pit analysis: lookers-right of South Diamond peak, known as Ptarmigan. Recent avalanche location: "Avy Alley" or "The Gash"

Weather Description: Clear conditions for most of the morning, temperatures ranging from 22 degrees Fahrenheit at 10,200ft, and 17 degrees Fahrenheit at and above 11,000ft. Winds blowing from the West at 15-20mph, gusts near 30mph on N/NE/E aspects. Temperatures slowly warmed to 23 degrees above treeline, with thin cirrostratus and small lenticular clouds forming to the southeast by 1200; visibility was not affected.

Snowpack Description: After the recent storms that hit the Northern Colorado mountains, approximately 9 inches has accumulated on top of weak facet layer at and above 11140ft. Snowpack has been impacted by extensive wind-loading over the course of the past 3 days, with increasing amounts of solar radiation and cloudless evenings and days. Top layer has toughened up and showing instability based on its bonding with the weak facet layer below it. Shooting cracks are noticeable when ascending across all wind-drifted slopes above 19 degrees. Snowpack depth varies from 40cm below and at-treeline to 80cm above treeline. Some above-treeline NE aspects are 90cm in depth.

Avalanche Description: Located on the left-center face of South Diamond Peak, known as "Avy Alley" or "The Gash". A prominent and steep, NE facing gully known for heavy amounts of wind-loading and propagated rocks that act as trigger points. Skier-triggered avalanche likely occurred on 11/1/2019. A second avalanche was also triggered to the right of the gully, most likely at the time the skier exited the slide. Ski tracks are visible at the top of the gully entering, and then quickly exiting to the right; most likely causing the slide to occur. The slide within the gully traveled roughly 400 feet from the crown. I did a beacon search to insure no one was caught/buried; I did not pick up a transmitting beacon signal from the two slides. D1 R1
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dmf15rwv9p5v4qf47xsdyoaf4lep.jpg (67.69 KiB) Viewed 1618 times
By Erick
I think they call that sportalanching. It went down Thursday. Dude crushed the line and managed the whole thing perfectly. Strong big mountain rider, never swept off the feet or even phased. Every line on the diamond was hit by Friday night this week. Now onto the waiting game for something big to move in❄️
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By dino
Managed to leave a mis-matched pair of G3 poles at the Zimmerman lake (Montgomery Pass) lot on Monday. Would be very grateful if they were returned to me...

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