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Northern Colorado Backcountry Skiing & Snowboarding
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By frenchy
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Thought I'd post this here for anyone coming up to Steamboat and wanting to skin up the mountain. We're fortunate to have one of the best uphill policies in the nation, but there are a few new rules this year. Please read and respect the rules and don’t ruin it for everyone else.


Uphill Access

Steamboat Ski & Resort Corporation (SSRC) permits uphill access in accordance with certain policies, rules and guidelines as set forth herein. Please read carefully as some of our rules and guidelines have changed.

Uphill access is a privilege, not a right. When travelling uphill or downhill, the observance of the Duties of Skiers under the Colorado Ski Safety Act and Your Responsibility Code as adopted by SSRC is required. We thank users in advance for your agreement to and cooperation with this policy and our rules and guidelines. Failure to comply with any aspect of this policy, including requests of ski patrol or other on mountain personnel, may result in suspension or loss of ski/ride privileges.

Please Note: Skier services are not generally available outside of normal operating hours. In the event of an emergency you should call 911.


  • During operating hours (8:30am-4:30pm) uphill access is allowed on recommended routes (new policy). The routes are (new policy):
    • Up See Me or Vogue to Jess’ Cut-Off; then up Heavenly Daze
    • Up Right-O-Way to Giggle Gulch, Short Cut or Yoo Hoo then to Main Drag or Boulevard to access Heavenly Daze
    • Up Right-O-Way to either Vagabond or BC Skiway to So What to Why Not
    • Upper mtn. from either Thunderhead or Rainbow saddle – continue up Rainbow to Calf Roper to Buddy’s Run or Thunderhead to Arc to Duster to High Noon
Uphill and downhill access is strictly prohibited at any time on All Out, inside the terrain parks or in any race or competition venue.

  • Company provided armband must be visible at all times when accessing the ski area. Users will be stopped and asked to show armband if not visible. Users without armbands will be directed by ski patrol or other mountain personnel to return to the Welcome Center to obtain one and sign the policy. Armbands are issued for each ski season and must renewed each year.
  • Uphill access is not permitted in night skiing areas during night operations. Starting at 5:30 p.m. during night operations, uphill traffic is not allowed on Stampede, Vogue, See Me, All Out, Sitz, Sitzback and Jess’ Cutoff (new policy).
  • Users must be aware that ski area mountain operations are 24/7 hours and users may encounter snowmobiles, snowcats (including winch operations) and other vehicles operated by resort personnel at any time, day or night.
  • Users must adhere to all posted signs and warnings, including all closed signs, ropes, or other closure indicators.
  • Users must avoid all types of machinery, including snowmaking equipment, which can be particularly hazardous due to visibility, difficult surfaces, pressurized equipment and large hoses in the snow.
  • Users must not cross snowmaking lines at any time or interfere in any way with snowmaking operations.
  • Uphill access is strongly discouraged during preseason setup and post season breakdown and may be restricted at any time in the sole discretion of the resort.
  • Only fat tire mountain bikes are allowed. They are restricted to the following runs: Right-O-Way, BC Ski Way, Yoo Hoo, So What, Why Not, Park Lane, Arc, Duster, Rendezvous Way, Sundial and Chisholm Trail. The use of other runs or areas is prohibited except as modified by this section, all other rules and guidelines apply to use of fat tire mountain bikes.
  • Users should always keep to the side of runs and be visible from above at all times (new policy). Wear reflective clothing and have a light source.
  • Dogs (except ADA service dogs) are prohibited during daytime operating hours (new policy). During non-operating hours, dogs must be leashed or controlled by voice command. All dogs must wear reflective material and owners must clean up after them.
  • All users must have a valid ticket or season pass to ride a chairlift once up on the mountain. Failure to show valid ticket or pass may result in criminal charges in addition to loss or suspension of pass privileges.


Before heading uphill at Steamboat Resort, please download the Uphill Access Policy and User Guidelines, read through the document in its entirety and bring a signed copy into the Welcome Center in Gondola Square. In exchange for the signed guidelines, you will be given a highly reflective armband that should be worn at all times.

Download the current Uphill Access Policy and User Guidelines
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