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Northern Colorado Backcountry Skiing & Snowboarding
By drh
Yesterday I headed up to the pass with the intent of enjoying the great powder we have been getting and see if I could also crank out a big vert day. I was doing laps off N Diamond. I hung my food in a bag in a tree a short distance off the skin track and would grab a couple items each lap. On one lap I found that someone had been in the bag. No big deal, I assumed that they saw it and were curious. When I came around for the next lap my food was gone. I could see that the same people had skied back down to it. They even skied down the skin track. I never saw them but there weren't many people in the area and they were the only ones with a dog.

I am struggling to figure out why someone would do this. It was very obvious that this was not abandoned trash. They saw it, left it and then came back for it. Why? I'm trying to assume they had a "good" reason. If they just wanted my bars and gels and took them, I hope karma comes their way.

PSA- If you find food hanging in a tree or beer in the snow leave it alone, the owner will be back. Thanks!
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By telejet9
Geeze...the nerve of some people. Karma will get them back. Hope you were still able to enjoy the pow (just probably not as much as you wanted)!
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By frenchy
Not what I was expecting. I thought you'd say a moose ran you down and stole the food off your back. Hope you were able to salvage the day.
By drh
shantyman wrote: Tue Mar 12, 2019 12:35 pm I was wondering why you ONLY got 16,200. Maybe it was a martin?
It was definitely people- the tracks in the snow were pretty obvious. I was about 11k in when my food disappeared, the next 5 I only had the gels that were in my pack. It took a day for my stomach to recover from that. It was a fantastic day but it was super frustrating that other backcountry skiers took my stuff.

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