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By d-rock
Interesting! Always love a deeper snowpack.

From Wikipedia, With an NFPA 704 health hazard rating of 2, silver iodide can cause temporary incapacitation or possible residual injury to humans and mammals with intense or chronic exposure. However, there have been several detailed ecological studies that showed negligible environmental and health impacts.[16][17][18] The toxicity of silver and silver compounds (from silver iodide) was shown to be of low order in some studies. These findings likely result from the minute amounts of silver generated by cloud seeding, which are about one percent of industry emissions into the atmosphere in many parts of the world, or individual exposure from tooth fillings.[19]

Accumulations in the soil, vegetation, and surface runoff have not been large enough to measure above natural background.[20] A 1995 environmental assessment in the Sierra Nevada of California[21] and a 2004 independent panel of experts in Australia confirmed these earlier findings.[22]

Was just curious if all this seeding, and there is a lot of seeding, would cause repercussions.....
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