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Northern Colorado Backcountry Skiing & Snowboarding
By Jacobmandell
I'm moving to Steamboat from the Pacific Northwest and looking for some touring partners. I've spent the past seven years doing lots of splitboarding around the North Cascades of Washington and i'm excited to check out Colorado! I'm a strong splitboarder and have spent a majority of my time touring around Mt. Baker, living out there for a few winters. I'm a fast on the up and excited to go get after it! I am very comfortable with the PNW maritime snowpack but i've spent very little time in a continental pack so i'm looking forward to dialing it back a bit and learning from locals. I'll be moving out Jan 1, jobless and looking to ski lots so let me know! I'm currently without a snowmobile but i'm open to getting one if its the way to get around out here.
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