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Northern Colorado Backcountry Skiing & Snowboarding
By mw88888888
Had to settle for dropping the knee at Eldora this morning as business in Denver called at lunch, but was longing to enjoy the sun up at cameron instead. Looks awesome, d-rock, thanks for satisfying my powder needs today. Eldora is fun, but it's not pow with friends at the pass!

Also, sad state of affairs in the inter webs these days, isn't it? Bunch of teenage savages on the Opensnow made the comments unreadable. I never do scan that waste bin, but 137 for a weather forecast? My curiosity got the better of me - the only saving grace was the d-rock brightening up the scene.

And the kids from Beijing should find something better to do than clutter these BC forums. Think big snow this weekend.
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By mw88888888
Went to hide from the 50 mph SW winds today. Did a little stroll above tree line for some interesting views of the area hot spots.

Warm, windy, but the north facing trees were well protected and great fun.

Of course the sun came out when I got back to the car.
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By telejet9
It's starting to feel like winter out there. Nice stable, cold, blower pow. Problem is it's been dry for so long that no one wants to stop to take photos...that's a good thing!
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By d-rock
Two thumbs up!! Great pic. Where is this??? Ha! Just kidding!
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By d-rock
Tree laps were fun today! It was nice to see Dierson and Neff up there enjoying the freshies! Cheers guys!
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By telejet9
Nice D-rock and shantyman! There's plenty of soft snow in protected areas.
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By johng
Those are some beautiful turns! The photo below is an avalanche on 7 Utes at about the same time (Sunday). This is the top of the N bowl, right off the summit (not the larger slopes to the E that more commonly run).

There was serious wind loading on the ridge, with a cornice that looks quite like the one in the upper left of Shantyman's photo. It's hard to see in the photo, but the headwall for the slide was on the order of 6-8'. The avalanche was skier -triggered (not my group!). The three skiers in the triggering group were all experienced and knew the area very well, had full avy gear and training, and they still make a bad judgement. Nobody was injured.

Most of us are aware how crappy our snow pack is this year. The signs were there Sunday - sluffs on S Diamond, up towards Montgomery pass. Stay safe out there.
IMG_4549 copy.JPG
IMG_4549 copy.JPG (403.24 KiB) Viewed 1746 times
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By frenchy
Wow John, that's an impressive crown!! Did you guys dig around up there, what did you see? Looks like this one slid to the ground. Yikes!
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