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Northern Colorado Backcountry Skiing & Snowboarding
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By frenchy
Hope everyone’s out enjoying the Fall colors and getting fired up for face shots, big lines, and all around good times. Only a few weeks away now, can’t wait...

Quick announcement about the new website format. If you’re a regular here, then you probably noticed the influx of forum spam over the last couple years. Well the bots and spammers got the better of me, and I finally got around to upgrading the Powderbuzz platform.

With the upgrade comes better spam prevention, a modern and mobile-friendly design, and a slew of cool new features and improvements, like the ability to Like/Dislike posts, subscribe, email, and bookmark topics, and embed video.

All posts, photos, and user accounts from the old forum should have transferred over to the new platform. Holler at me (link in footer) if you see anything missing, can no longer login, or have any issues with the website.

Check this post for tips on adding pictures to your post: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=2015

This upgrade was a long time coming, and I hope you like the new features and interface. Let me know if you need help navigating the new site!
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By d-rock
Wow! Thanks Frenchy for the new site!!! Looks great. Hope this old dog can learn new tricks, ha! I am just glad my girl still dances!
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