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By frenchy
Two ways to add images to posts

Insert image via URL
If you already have your image(s) posted somewhere on the Web, then select the "Insert Image" icon and paste the URL of an image inside the img tags. Repeat this process for each image.

Upload images and add as attachments
To upload images to the Powderbuzz server, select the “Upload attachment” tab on the posting page and click the “Add files” button. This will upload and attach the file(s) to the post.

To upload multiple files, repeat the process. Attachments can also be uploaded by dragging and dropping a file onto the message area of the posting screen.

Attachments can be displayed within the post text by clicking the “Place inline” button for the desired attachment. When an attachment is placed inline, the image code is inserted into the post text and can be re-positioned. If an attachment is not placed inline, it will be displayed at the end of the post.

The maximum file size for uploaded files is: 256KB. I may adjust this in the future.

Here’s an example of an inline image:

Embedding Video

Embedding video to posts is even easier. Just paste, inside your new post, the URL of your video, in plain text, from any of the following streaming services : YouTube, Facebook videos, Medium, Vimeo, Google+, SoundCloud or Twitter.

For example, paste this inside your post:
Code: Select all

And you get this:

Hope this helps!
By Erick
Thanks for the sweet upgrade frenchy! Got a picture I was trying to upload to the cp conditions page but it kept saying file to big. I'm uploading from an I phone. Can I make it a smaller file on my end. I snowboard way better than I can use my phone. Thanks man
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By frenchy
Also, I forgot to mention in my last post... Once you've uploaded your images, click the "Place inline" link next to each photo to add your photos in the location of your choice. Then click the Preview button if you want to preview your post before posting. For example:

Here's my first photo:
Second photo:
Third photo:
Fourth photo:
This makes me want to go skiing :jam:
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