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Northern Colorado Backcountry Skiing & Snowboarding
By Erick
On March 29, 2017 Cody, Nate and myself took off from the Taggert Lake trailhead at 2:45am and started our 8 mile tour and climb toward the Middle Teton. We gained the saddle between the South Teton and Middle Teton and from there proceeded up the Southwest Couiler of the Middle Teton.
Alpine glow coming in full effect as we approached the saddle.
Climbing the Southwest Coulier and approaching one of the most intimidating top out's I've ever done. The summit is defiantly a NO fall zone.
After 8 hours of continual touring and climbing we reached the summit of the Middle Teton!
Nate taking his first look over the top of the summit and down the East Face/Glacier Route.
The top of the line is above some massive cliffs and again is a NO fall zone, so we decided to down climb 50ft into a safer start zone, without death cliffs.
The enterance was steep, 60 degrees forsure and ice axe was a must to keep control while entering the line over a handful of smaller cliffs. It was pretty game on so no camera action during the line.

Looking back at our tracks on the East Face of the Middle Teton. The pictures don't do justice but it was steep, powy and sluff management was an absoulty necessity in order to not get sluffed off the mountain.
Looking back at the Middle Teton. Snow at high elevation was still powy, mid elevation was super fun corn and the lower elevation was a wet but still fast snow.
We couldn't have asked for a better day and conditions. The trip was roughly 16 miles round trip, with an ascent of 6,179 vert and a riding descent of 5,600 vert and about 600 vert of walking out at the end.

The rest of the trip was spent on Teton Pass and Towgotee Pass.

Already day dreaming of next year. Such a special place up there!

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By d-rock
Nice work boys!! That is a biggie to check off the list. Great pics, too!
By g
Am jealous. There was a time years ago that we didn't ski that line until May or June. I will say that skiing it when it is NOT hard transitioned snow is probably a lot more fun and safer. Little known fact: That route is steeper than any of the standard routes on the Grand [Ford and Stettner]. I would have been nervous to ski that, not having climbed it with my boot pack to guide me down. But, I bet it was great this year coverage wise with the snow. Many years getting from the summit to the col can be really dicey with the rock and cliffs. My past remembers being scared trying to get through those rocks when climbing to the summit.
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By telejet9
Nicely done! Looked like near perfect conditions for you guys. Thanks for the stoke!

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