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Northern Colorado Backcountry Skiing & Snowboarding
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By telejet9
Everyone's invited to Steamboat for the 9th annual 2016 Cody's Challenge Rando Race, Sat, April 1st. Race starts at 8:30 am. It's always a great time and an amazing organization to support.

Register at

I'm calling out D-rock since there's a splitboard category for both long and short courses! Who else is going?


"We officially partnered with MAD Racing this year to ensure instant and accurate race results! We want to deliver the goods...a great course, instant results, good food, cold beer, live music, good vibes and high fives! Bring a friend and stay tuned to our Facebook page, The Cody St. John Foundation, for giveaways leading up to Cody's Challenge. Click here for our website,

Thank you Mike D of BunkHouse Collective, you keep us looking fresh every year with a great poster!
We hope to see you all on April 1!
~ All proceeds go towards continuing medical education scholarships for Ski Patrollers ~"

#supportskipatrol #codyschallenge
By Matt Wood
Cody stood sideways. RIP brother, your always out there with us.
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By d-rock
Will this be the year? I tried looking on the website for some more details about the splitboard category and the difference between long and short. Any insight on this TJ9?
By Matt Wood
A beer at every transition (how Cody would have done it). Leave the racing to the weenies and have fun. I make a donation and go slay pow for Cody.
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By ofrogg
d-rock wrote:I tried looking on the website for some more details ... Any insight on this TJ9?
Me too. What sort of kit is required?
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By telejet9
Last year's numbers...

Long course: Approx 10 miles with 3,800' of vertical gain.

Short course: Approx 6 miles with 1,800' of vertical gain.

They will provide a map at registration the morning of the race and the courses are marked with flags. Both courses start together and make their way up to 4 Points from the top of the gondola. Then the short course drops down toward the Bar-U-E lift while the long course continues all the way up to the top of Morningside.

No specific kit is required. Only requirement is to have fun! I've seen people on AT, tele, split and even snowshoe the whole thing over the years.

Below is the link with last year's top 3 times in each category. ... ge-rocked/

Helmets are the only required equipment. If you are pushing hard a cycling helmet is definitely the way to go to keep your noggin cool.

Here's the map of the long course from 2014 and little has changed the past 2 years.

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By telejet9
Found some GPS files from last year and put them together so you can see long vs short courses.

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By ofrogg
REGISTERED! My first rando race. :shock:

See y'all there!
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By telejet9
Yeah!!! It's such a great time. You'll have a blast. See you there!
By ianeloski
And Breck Patrol brings the Cup back home!
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By ofrogg
ianeloski wrote:And Breck Patrol brings the Cup back home!

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