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Northern Colorado Backcountry Skiing & Snowboarding
By Nachoconqueso
I never really said goodbye. Thanks for all the memories. I'm long gone from Colorado. It's impossible to survive on $12/hr and I didn't want to work a shit job in Fort Collins. Fucking bummer. The flats are total bullshit, but I'm alive. Probably won't get to ride again unless I get a fair job and vacation time which won't be for a long long time. I'm definitely thankful for the time I got at Cameron and won't forget it. Take it easy dudes. Hopefully I'll bump into some of you again someday.
By Matt Wood
No excuses, just choices
By sdswingr
Dude...try Idaho..way cheaper to live...and the Tetons..
By Nachoconqueso
Yeah sometimes you have to make the mature decision of being a productive member of society vs bumming it one's whole life. Can't Bernie Sanders that shit forever. I got an amazing job that pays me over double, my housing is way nicer and cheaper, and I live right near Lake Tahoe. So that worked out.
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By telejet9
Yeah, I'd say that worked out pretty good for you. Lots of bc options in the Tahoe area! Such a beautiful place. Good luck!
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