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Northern Colorado Backcountry Skiing & Snowboarding
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By ofrogg
pslice wrote:Rad shots! Curious...was the ditch open after the delays with the tunnel project?
The ditch is OPEN! But the tunnel ain't done...
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By Jimmyjam
Yes the ditch is now open to the public. Was up on Monday and climbed Redemption on Mahler..... Should've brought the skies. Still pretty sparse, but thats what the rock skis are for. Cheers to the start of the sesaon!

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By telejet9
Nice pics everyone!

FYI: the tunnel project is completed and yes the ditch is open for winter use.

From our chief engineer on the project dated Oct 26th, "As of today the Michigan Ditch Tunnel project is basically complete. Tunnel grouting was completed yesterday by BTC and today Hydro completed laying the Hobas out of the tunnel. Hydro is working on backfill as I write this and should be done by tomorrow. Demobilization is in full force the rest of the week."
By dirty
Tried skiing up Blue Lake Trail this past weekend. No buano, even on the most protected flats.
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By d-rock
Yup, sure is south diamond. Lookers left. It has a name, just can't think of it right now. CAIC obs, maybe same as Instagram guy.... ... s_id=42607
By Pilgrim
I think it is called it PapSmear. Conditions are pretty much what I would expect with a shallow cold snowpack.
By Erick
I can't stress enough how powerful the mountains are and if you don't respect them they will take your life in a heart beat.

Three things that should always be accounted for when skiing and riding in the backcountry:
1. Route Finding
2. Terrain Management
3. Snow Evaluation

Friday our group had to witness a party of two ignore all three of those things and set a skin track up avalanche terrain and terrain traps. Then proceed to skin underneath the cornice instead of gaining the ridge 20ft above them. AND then transition on a huge wind pillow, NOT do any snow evaluation, and than drop into a big line on a super exposed face!?!

I don't know what was going threw these guys heads but I couldn't believe what we witnessed and I'm just glad everyone made it out and was ok.

This is what happens when you DON'T respect the mountains. ... s_id=42660
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By shantyman
day one. no big lines, only 15 inches or so. still fun, the dog got lots of face shotsImage
By Rsw0124
Me and the wife where up today, headed up towards Montgomery pass. We called it at TL, near zero visibility and strong steady winds. But we did play around in the trees around the drainage. Coverage is thin, but it was knee deep in places and was a really light snow.

The season finally started today for us!

Pics added....Image
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By syphon0812
I always think it is funny how many people on here think they know so much more than everyone else when it comes to bc safety. I see posts on here all the time about how they wonder what people are thinking or how could someone do such a thing. The reality is, that no matter how safe you think you are or how educated you think you are, when traveling in the backcountry safety is just an illusion. Some great examples are the folks who died at Loveland Pass a couple years back as well as the head of the Avalanche control at Wolf Creek Ski area. Neither one was in zones that would be expected to slide but it happened. The slide zone was still visible on Saturday and I saw lines on Ptarmigan (which everyone thinks is safe) right next to that area that slid which is also where many people put down the skin track so it appears that whoever rode Ptarmigan was lucky that the trigger point wasn't in that area. When it comes to backcountry travel, it is always risky so have fun and proceed with caution. Sometimes you win and sometimes you learn.
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By Jimmyjam
Amen Erick! We were up on Friday too, and caught the aftermath as all the SAR personel were ariving. I also heard they fled the scene!

Anyway -

Spent the day dodging rocks up near Lake Agnes on the 12" base. We also encountered some pretty unstable conditions, with some large settling of the persistent slab issue at ground level. Felt good to be on the skis again with winter in the air.

Conditioins looked better than they skied.

Spin drift magic

Sun and wind was the name of the game

Ski light or pay the price, the rocks were hidden by only a few inches.



All in all it was a good day and we were able to ski to and from the road.
By g
boy, looks like lake agnes is ready for a prime game of shinney. bring your broom and sticks, who is in.
By dirty
Ptarmigan skiied great yesterday. Some active localized wind slabs in the trees lookers right of Ptarm on the way up.
By johng
Can't believe it's been 2 weeks since a posting - so here's today's report: Lots of snow at CP, felt much colder than the 25 or so on the thermometer! Skied the entire day without hitting anything, which is really rare since I'm always in the trees. Skied over a bunch of logs wondering if there was enough, and was lucky. Very windy - any areas exposed are wind-affected, and some of the snow in the trees is a bit heavy. Lots of tracks - it must have been very busy over the weekend. And as everyone hopefully knows, we have the usual Colorado unstable snow pack, now with even more wind-deposited snow. Be safe out there! :P

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