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Northern Colorado Backcountry Skiing & Snowboarding
By Rsw0124
I was just up there!
By Tennesseematt

May I copy and use your pic of the night sky in my middle school science classs (I'm a teacher)? We're just starting to discuss thing outside our solar system and I think you captured a nice image.

By pslice
^^ PM Sent
By Erick
This was as of 9:30am this morning! You know the spot!Image
Get stoked!
By dirty
oh snap
User avatar
By d-rock
Hey Erick, drove by your place yesterday. Was that you trying to be Mr. Lumberjack? Rocking the suspenders?
By Erick
Lol..Mr. Lumberjack, no. Just getting my carpentry on building a deck. Carhartt over all, f*ck suspenders.
By Erick
Where's the stoke? Tracks on the diamond...or major core shots?
By Erick
Where the f*ck is the snow! This was yesterday shreading American Lakes Trail...was kinda hoping tobe doing a different style of riding.Image
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By d-rock
Wow, that is nice. Sideways stoke.
By Erick
Today kicked off the season for Nate and I, and god damn was it a good one!Image
User avatar
By d-rock
Day one, let's get it started with a couloir!!! Nice work! How was the depth? Any sharks?
By pslice
Rad shots! Curious...was the ditch open after the delays with the tunnel project?
By kh
Thats a helluva first day. Well done.

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