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Northern Colorado Backcountry Skiing & Snowboarding
Looking for any info on conditions on Chicago Ridge and in the Ski Cooper area. Thanks in advance for any observations within the last two weeks.

Also, I'm planning a 1-2 night trip to Vance's Cabin on 17-18 December (yes, I know, Star Wars, but considering the lack of hut availability the rest of the season, I can see Star Wars a couple days late). If anyone's interested let me know--we'll need to reserve spots quickly. It's $30 per night, and if you haven't been to a 10th Mountain Hut before Vance's is a good one to start with--it's a relatively short approach with good access to some nice West-facing slopes off Chicago Ridge. The hut is well outfitted with cooking gear, wood stoves and plenty of room. Great way to get some BC turns in without worrying about a long drive home.

Info on Vance's Cabin

See you on the slopes!
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