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Northern Colorado Backcountry Skiing & Snowboarding
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By shantyman
yes. very steep and crowded, even on a Monday. great snow still.
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By d-rock
Ohhhhhh snap! 2017/2018 Shit to Ski Off I-70 is back, 4 years going strong! The struggle is real. The powder the realer......ha.

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By ianeloski
It was good to get it while it lasted in a new zone. Ski in ski out with maximum ski damage but there just tools right. The forecast is looking good for biking, may have to update the summer thread!

Tried to upload some stoke but my files are too big and don't really have time to mess with it, got to hang out with the baby boy.....
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By d-rock
Yeah, the exit was a breeze! Ha! Slalom through the rocks and stumps.
It was a great day, 5.something miles. More exploring will take place.
Here are Ian's pics.....

The Godfather, at 48 years young, he is still charging hard.
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Travis From Wisconsin.
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Erin Pro Patrol Skier Chick.
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Me Fatty Fat Fat
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By d-rock
Ooooooooh yeah, back to the shitshow off of I-70...…. or something like that!?!
5 years in the making. Only one post last season???? Whaaaa?
We been slacking!
This took place on Tuesday, 11/20/2018 Before this last storm cycle.
It was a perfect, and I mean perfect, day high in the alpine.
No wind….check
Sweaty butt cracks....check
Soft snow....mostly soft snow....check
Zero instabilities....check
Split skiing....check
Cheers bro-brahs!
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By d-rock
Nuts! I just wanted to upload one moar pic. One. Just one. What a beaut!
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