Northern Colorado Backcountry Skiing & Snowboarding
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By frenchy
Great skiing in and around Steamboat this weekend!! Coverage still thin, but improving.
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The upper snowpack was reactive and we intentionally trigger several soft slabs that failed at the storm snow interface (6-8"). Snowpit on WNW aspect below treeline @9,200ft revealed easy shears in the storm snow, a graupel layer burried 18" from the surface, ECTN results, and HS 180-190cm.

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Snow quality overall was excellent.

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A little thinner snowpack down low, but still some good skiing to be had.
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By frenchy
Meanwhile... Free Champagne refills at the ski area this morning!! I'll take it.
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By Matt Wood
Been pretty damn awesome in our zones. Low tide years are for exploration and exploration pays off;) I was just checking my GPS yesterday, 28 days touring and 4 on my pass. FMRing that's like 300 bucks a day on storm peak.... Place is a bore fest anyway. Off to ride something new.
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By frenchy
No doubt, pretty damn awesome around these parts!

Spent the afternoon yesterday rescuing our friend who broke his leg in fish creek. That wasn't so awesome.

Image of the fracture:
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Shiny new hardware, courtesy of Yampa Valley Medical:
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Huge thanks to Dr Johnston and the nurses at Yampa Valley Medical for the excellent care!! And big shout out to Steamboat Patrol, Routt County SAR, and the Steamboat Fire Dept for responding to our call, staging a textbook rescue, and helping us get our friend out and into the operating room before dark. Without their help we would have been in for an epic night.

Goes to show... shit happens in the Slackcountry too! Yikes!!
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By frenchy
Gorgeous day out in the backcountry yesterday. Went up to north routt and found 18" of storm snow that fell over the course of the past week. Conditions were sunny and windy in the alpine, with lots of snow being transported and fresh cornices forming along ridgelines. We managed to find some areas with good stability, so took advantage of the conditions...

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By frenchy
Thanks for the kind thoughts. He won't be skiing again this season, but should be good later this summer for mtn biking season. He's going through a rough (painful) post-surgery recovery right now.
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By telejet9
Thank you for posting the pow pics as well as the hardware pics. It's a sober reminder that often times we are a long way from help while in the bc and we all rely on our partners when situations arise. Good partners are better than gold. Keep up the great work harvesting pow and I wish your friend a speedy recovery!
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