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By d-rock
Here we go folks, 2017-2018 season! Got a couple days on BP so far. November 20th and 24th. Still pretty thin in most places. Seems like CP has a deeper snowpack. Good turns were had with minor scratches to the rock board!

I actually got my first two days at St. Mary's on October 2nd and 3rd. Great snow for early October. Here are some pics.

Soupy on the 2nd
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Not my favorite Whiteroom
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Bluebird on the 3rd
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Great views
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Lap 1 done, 3 more please
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Ok, now for some BP pics. The 20th I did The Roll. Great turns were had between the rocks. The 24th was up high in Current Creek. Way better coverage. No sharks. I think this was due to the October snow that did not melt off. That also has its own disadvantages. .... As far as WP/MJ goes, well, Parkway and Larry Sale is open! Ha!

The Roll
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One of the largest early season slides in Current Creek
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Taking it all in
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Good coverage
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Cheers everyone!
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